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Communities in Action

Communities in Action Enterprises is a not-for-profit organisation that works on projects to improve neighbourhoods and the quality of life of communities around the UK.  It works directly with local communities, community/faith/voluntary groups, local authorities and government departments/agencies.

Communities in Action Enterprises (CIAE) was set up  by a group of people of different faith and ethnic backgrounds with the aim of providing high quality services to local communities that would physically involve local communities. 

As a practical example of this, while
carrying out research in a neighbourhood,
CIAE trained local residents to
collect the data themselves – and of course
pay them for their time.  It does not believe in
bringing in agency workers to do work in local
neighbourhoods when local people can do
the jobs themselves.


It seeks to deliver community development and research/evaluation projects for local authorities and government agencies that would be of practical benefit and not simply be written to be left on the shelf.  In order to make research publications more relevant, it involves local people directly in their development and seeks to make the final documents jargon-free.
CIAE management committee and staff are representative of the different faith and ethnic groups in British inner-cities and it specialises in the involvement of faith communities and minority-ethnic communities in it's projects.