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About us

The terrorist bombings of New York, London and Madrid have brought the Muslims in Europe into sharper focus. Citizens of Europe from the ordinary public to politicians and academics, are left with the following unanswered questions:

Is Islam inherently a violent religion?
Are Muslims so blinded by their hatred towards their fellow non-Muslim citizens, that they indiscriminately kill innocent people?
Are Muslims more interested in integrating into European society or in taking Europe over?

The Learning to be Peacemaker training
programme aims to:

- inspire young Muslims to become
ambassadors or agents of peace

- reorient young Muslims around the primary
faith objective of Islam - spreading peace

- Build their capacities to actively engage in
peacemaking initiatives

The aim of the programme is to create courageous, effective
and highly-trained peacemakers who become ambassadors and
agents of peace.

The blessed Prophet Muhammed said, ‘spread peace’. On
another occasion he said, “I have been sent as a messenger so
that I may demonstrate perfection of character and refinement
of manners”. At the heart of the answers to the above questions
lies the inalienable fact that many young Muslims today are not
familiar with the true message of Islam and the peacemaking
nature of the Prophet.
The course enables participants to explore what peacemaking
means and what it entails. They journey through various
aspects of the life of the Prophet and his peacemaking efforts.
The programme studies in detail the theological principles of
peacemaking through examination of Islamic texts and its
contexts. The participants study carefully the characteristics of
peacemakers and peacemaking and its effects on communities
and the world. Most importantly, participants plan a practical
project to demonstrate learning and their commitment to
peacemaking. Participants undertake the project during the
course or on their return home.