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1.1 A Basic introduction to Islam
1.2. The Relationship Between The Creator (Al-Khaaliq) and his Creation (Makhluq)
1.3. Objectives of Islamic Law (Maqasid As-Shari’ah)
1.4. Classification of Benefits (masâlih)
1.5. The Ethics of Differences and Disagreements in Islam (Ikhtilaaf)

2.1 Foundation of peacemaking
2.2 Qur’an on Peace and War
2.3 Ahadith on Peace and War
2.4 Jihad: The Concepts and Practice

3.1 Definition and Terminologies
3.2 The Processes of Peacemaking
3.3 Ten Key Principles of Peacemaking
3.4 Characteristics of Peacemaking
3.5 Renowned Peacemakers of the World – Discuss
3.6 Prophet Muhammed, the Peacemaker - Case Studies

4.1. Violence and Extremism
4.2. DNA of an Extremist
4.3. Ways to Prevent Dangerous Consequences
4.4. Current Wars and Conflicts

5.1 Understanding the terms - Global Community (Ummah) and Local Community (Qawm)
5.2. The Constitution of Madina
5.3. Understanding Citizenship
5.4. Where do we Belong?
5.5 Our Duties and Responsibilities

6.1 Circles of Peace
6.2 Finding Inner Peace
6.3 Obstacles of Inner Peace
6.3 Self Assessment Using SWOT Analysis
6.4 Drawing a Wish List
6.5 Project planning